Our product group list

Milk powders • Skimmed milk powder • Full cream milk powder • Cream powder • Buttermilk powder • Fat-filled milk powder.

Whey powders • Whey powder • Whey permeate powder • Demineralised whey powder • Delactosed whey powder • Whey protein concentrates • Whey protein isolates • Lactose • Fat filled whey powder.

Milk proteins • Casein (acid/rennet) • Caseinates • Milk protein concentrate

Butter fat • Butter • AMF/Butter oil

Cheese We work together with a select group of producers who are proud of their cheese and who can provide a guaranteed stable product quality. The result: a broad range of quality products ─ we can supply cheese for your every need:

  • Premium cheese for cutting & Wrapping
  • Cheese for grating;
  • Cheese for processing and Melting Industrie

Distral Foods supplies butter for industrial applications. We can supply:

  • Lactic butter
  • Sweet cream butter
  • Whey butter